playshop: learning, failing, listening, playing...

by elizabeth jigalin

This week, the music box project is taking up residence at Legs on the Wall, Lilyfield for an intensive week of music making. Throughout this week of playshop we intend to learn, fail, listen, experiment, argue, play, grow, work, make and share in lots of music together as a group alongside the friends, collaborators and mentors who will be joining us along the way. Taking this time ‘off’ as a young group is fundamental to our evolution and the future music we hope to create and share. Having a space (the fact it is a large, sunlit warehouse over looking the harbour is a bonus), allows us to create a temporary sonic home that we can open up to our noisy neighbours for intentional and exploratory music making.

So…who is visiting, what is going to transpire and what are our noisy hopes and dreams during our playshop week? The answer is deliberately uncertain. playshop is an incubator for the unknown to breed. However, the central ingredients to make the week possible are the following incredible humans who we are incredibly thrilled and grateful to be working with:

Jassy Roberston (Melbourne), Jasmin Wing-Yin Leung (Brisbane), Timothy Green (Brisbane), James Hazel, Kezia Yap, Henry Liang, Danica Hobden and others alongside our line up of musicians - Naomi Johnson, Jane Aubourg, Joseph Lisk, Joseph Franklin, Tina Stefanou and myself. Additionally, we are wide-eyed and thankful to be lead by composers Damien Ricketson and Moya Henderson in two morning sessions. These sessions will surely be a recipe for a whacky soup of ideas and sounds, impacting the group’s growth and future.

Throughout the week we will be documenting and sharing the music made and explored via this blog. We are looking forward to giving you a peek into this fruitful time and space that will allow us to open up and strengthen the mechanisms of the music box.

 our temporary sonic home

our temporary sonic home

upstairs @AYH: soup

by Tina Stefanou

This Saturday, upstairs at the Australian Youth Hotel in Glebe, Joseph Franklin and I have invited all sorts of sound-makers and musicians to come together for a musical soup. Having this space to invite people to experiment with their instruments and ideas without expectations of what it should look or sound like is really fun, and crucial for developing and trying material. It’s a joy to sit with others, sharing sounds and exploring different relationships to material and music making modes.

AYH Soup.jpg

I'm particularly excited about jamming with changgu player Hannah Kim. We'll play around a song form exploring rhythm diamonds, connecting it to themes of alienation, sanity and the madness of discarding people who are in need of refuge. My brother Constantine Stefanou from Melbourne will also be joining us. He's a multi-instrumentalist with a deep inquiry into ecology and human nature, and we'll perform a duet in the form of a dialogue about family and place. Then comes a tasty soup vortex where all the ingredients of the afternoon will combine. My old friend Mark Xiao - who I have know since I was 14 - and his wife Tomomi Matsuo are wild flautists who, along with music box project's Naomi Johnson, will be performing a musical recipe by Liz Jigalin. Finally, Will Hansen is a rocking double bass player who will perform solo followed by a double/electric bass duo bonanza. Come along, soak up the warmth and diverse influences, and feel welcome to offer your own ingredients to the mix.

When: Saturday 9th June, 3pm
Where: Upstairs @ the Australian Youth Hotel, Glebe

introducing: Lauren Austin

Artist Lauren Austin joins in on the fun and will be producing work in response to "in 4.". we can't wait to see what she comes up with. 


about Lauren.
Lauren Austin is an artist, collector and writer. She is interested in the connections between abstraction and comprehension. Ideas of the body, language and architectural theory also influence her many artistic adventures. You may find her writing about squid and researching house paint in her spare time.

more at her blog:

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