Astounding and mesmerizing music.
— Lliane Clarke, classikON
I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for the music box project.
— Antonia Zappia, Cut Common

about us.

open the music box...who knows what you might find. the music box project is a curious collective presenting creative, sometimes crazy, community driven and collaborative music. 

in 2018, you can find the music box project:

  • sharing 'music outside the usual order of things' on the second saturday of every month, upstairs @ the AYH.
  • taking a week off to make, play, learn whilst residing at Studio:One/Legs On The Wall, Lilyfield 'playshop': collaborating with a bunch of artists, friends, humans, aliens, etc.
  • curating 'project: anonymous': open call for text based scores to be assembled into an (anonymous) anthology to be made freely available via print and online

project highlights include the sonic activation of Kings Cross Carpark with a cacophonous band of baritone saxophonists, synth players, junk percussionists and strobe lights, and the creation of an ambitious collaborative work "in 4." in which 40 composers from around the world each contributed a cell of music. known for their open mind and collaborate drive, the music box project is a thriving part of Sydney’s local music scene, performing at a variety of unique spaces including Alaska Projects, Artbank, Glebe Justice Centre, Paddington Uniting Church/Eastside Arts, Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Creative Space 99. in 2016, the ensemble shared the stage with New York ensemble yMusic and Sydney’s Splash Percussion. in 2017, the music box project participated in an open workshop/performance with eighth blackbird and launched their casual performance residency at the Australian Youth Hotel "upstairs @ AYH" presenting ‘music outside the usual order of things’.

the music box project is:
elizabeth jigalin (composer/director), naomi johnson (flutes/director), jane aubourg (violin/composer), peter leung (soprano/tenor saxophone), joseph lisk (trumpet), joseph franklin (bass guitar/upright bass/composer) and tina stefanou (voice) with an extended family of musicians listed below.

the music box project humbly began in 2014...founded by elizabeth jigalin, oliver hollenbach and erin hendry.


the extended family.

"the music box project." has worked and will continue to work with many musicians and artists - collaborating to create new work and sounds.

click through to discover more about these great humans...

danica hobden
laura andrew
jasmin leung
dan thorpe
elia bosshard
natasha effendy
liz cheung
wilbur whitta
joe manton
harry burgess
jackson bankovic
paul meo
harry day
milan monk
ciaran frame
chris higgins
mat levy
james guest
josie gibson
kezia yap
alexander lee
stuart rynn
loz austin
hannah kim
tomomi matsuo
mark xiao
will hansen