to create a new, collaborative work, in 4., we're asking you to submit ONE cell of written music that creatively and appropriately reflects the number "4". there is no limit to how and what you notate, however, if conventional notation is used it must be written in the treble staff. The cell must be written for an "open ensemble". 

submissions that use the number 4 most creatively and effectively will be chosen and curated by us to form a patchwork to be performed by a quartet of quartets

send your submission to (.pdf and any image file types will be accepted) with the subject "in 4 submission" and include your name. a confirmation email will be sent upon submission.





What exactly are you planning to do with my cell of music?

In the same vein as Terry Riley's in C., we hope to arrange the submitted cells into a single work. Check out Riley's score to see what we mean. This process of organising and arranging the material into a cohesive work will be completed by our team


What is an open ensemble?

The idea of "open instrumentation" or an "open ensemble" means that you have to consider that your cell will be performed (with limited modification) by any/combination of instruments. Cells which work most effectively in this way will more likely be chosen. Once again, refer to the score of in C. as a starting point.