part one: the music box project


about the music box project.

joe franklin (bass), joe lisk (trumpet), laura andrew (bari sax), danica hobden (electric guitar), pete leung (tenor sax), naomi johnson (flutes) and elizabeth jigalin (objects/theremin/director)

an exploratory vehicle for upcoming Sydney composers and performers, seeking to present unique, creative and collaborative music experiences. This creative cohort have sonically activated car parks and created an ambitious collaborative work in which 40 composers from around the world each contributed a cell of music. 

the music box project. share a set of music outside the usual order of things - an eclectic exploration of noisy • textural • drawn • partial • sounds by Cat Hope, Dan Thorpe, Jasmin Leung, Pete Leung and Oliver Hollenbach, @GraphicScoreBot.

  1. @GraphicScoreBot
  2. Jasmin Leung - Five observations of Nature for open ensemble
  3. Pete Leung - Improvisation for solo saxophone
  4. Dan Thorpe - [false cognate] for bass flute and electric guitar
  5. Cat Hope - Longing for 5 instruments
  6. Oliver Hollenbach - PANTONE for open ensemble