PARTIAL PHASE: the music box project + Splash Percussion
6:00pm 6:00pm

PARTIAL PHASE: the music box project + Splash Percussion

PARTIAL PHASE: an evening overloaded with curious, creative, living sounds @ Eastside Arts/Paddington Uniting Church. two back-to-back sets of music making by two of Sydney’s up-and-coming, creative musician collectives: the music box project. and Splash Percussion.

6:15PM the music box project. share a set of music outside the usual order of things - an eclectic exploration of noisy • textural • drawn • partial • sounds by Cat Hope, Dan Thorpe, Jasmin Leung, Oliver Hollenbach, Elizabeth Jigalin, @GraphicScoreBot, 🍌.

7:00PM Splash Percussion draw you into the beautiful • hypnotic • primal • phasing • sound world of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” - celebrating Reich's 80th birthday.

doors open @ 6:00pm
sounds begin @ 6:15pm
sounds end @ 8:15pm

tickets online + at the door $15 (student/access) $20 (ga)

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profit from this event will be donated to ACMF (Australian Children's Music Foundation)

Splash percussion and friends: James Guest, Stuart Rynn, Shane Leviton, Alice Connor, Oliver Brighton, Jack Andrew-Kabilafkas, Nicolas Petit, Jasper Rasmussen, Alice Hu, Naomi Johnson, Hannah Alexander, Niki Johnson.

the music box project: Elizabeth Jigalin, Naomi Johnson, Pete Leung, Joseph Franklin, Joseph Lisk, Laura Andrew, Danica Hobden.

Thanks to the support of APRA AMCOS, University of Sydney Union (USU), Sydney University Wind Orchestra

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yMusic + the music box project
6:30pm 6:30pm

yMusic + the music box project

BACKSTAGE: a living space for living music presents

yMusic (NYC) and the music box project (SYD) in back to back sets exploring the latest music from the USA and Australia.

With music by: Missy Mazzoli*, Nico Muhly, Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, Marcos Balter, Judd Greenstein, Jane Aubourg*, Elizabeth Jigalin*, Kezia Yap*, Milan Monk*, Harry Burgess*, Joseph Franklin*.

*world premiere

Doors open 6:30pm
Music starts 7:00pm

Tickets $25 (includes beer/wine)

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This concert is the first in a series of concerts at BackStage @ creative space 99 curated by Lamorna Nightingale and Elizabeth Jigalin.

a group of six New York City instrumentalists flourishing in the overlap between the pop and classical worlds, who have striven to bring a classical chamber music aesthetic to venues outside the traditional concert hallKnown for their partnership with Ben Folds and championing the music of the likes of Nico Muhly and Sufjan Stevens, yMusic will present a program including the world premiere of a new work by Brooklyn based composer Missy Mazzoli - recently deemed “one of the more consistently inventive, surprising composers now working in New York" (New York Times).

the music box project:
an experimental vehicle for upcoming Sydney composers and performers, seeking to present unique, creative and collaborative music experiences. This creative cohort have sonically activated car parks and created an ambitious collaborative work in which 40 composers from around the world each contributed a cell of music. In the music box project's short set, six composers have each created a miniature work based on the same simple concept leading them to different paths of sonic exploration.


yMusic: CJ Camerieri (trumpet), Rob Moose (violin), Nadia Sirota (viola), Gabriel Cabezas (cello), Hideaki Aomori (clarinet), Alex Sopp (flute)

the music box project musicians: Jane Aubourg (violin), Peter Leung (saxophones), Joe Lisk (trumpet), Joe Manton (bass guitar), James Guest (percussion), Naomi Johnson (flute)

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R E M I E I M B E R (collaboration with "theycansee")
7:00pm 7:00pm

R E M I E I M B E R (collaboration with "theycansee")


R E M I E I M B E R  (by theycansee)


mediums ranging from surround-sound electronic music, immersive video art & spatial design converge in this one night only collaborative event - drawing together distinctive artistic practices to produce an unforgettable assault on the senses.

composers: ciaran frame, harry burgess & milan monk
performers: the music box project., mimi kind, lilli pearse & geena cheung
spatial design: bethany sheehan
video art: ella mcdougall

Worker's Union by Louis Andriessen (arr. Elizabeth Jigalin)

performers: laura andrew: baritone sax; chris higgins: baritone sax; alexander lee: baritone sax; kezia yap: MIDI controller + strobe; josie gibson: MIDI controller + strobe; elizabeth jigalin: MIDI controller + strobe; stuart rynn: percussion + junk; james guest: percussion + junk; mat levy: percussion + junk.

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project: in 4.
7:00pm 7:00pm

project: in 4.

40 composers. 16 musicians. the music box project.

"Live Review: the music box project." by Antonia Zappia, CutCommon Mag

"40 composers create astounding and mesmerizing music" by Lliane Clarke, classikON

the music box project. presents a concert in 2 parts "project: in 4." - bringing together composers, performers and listeners alike for a night of collaboration at the Glebe Justice Centre on March 4th 2015.

part one: in 4.

in response to Terry Riley's "in C.", a quartet of quartet (feat. 16 upcoming Sydney musicians) will be premiering a new, collaborative work "in 4." - 40 cells of music by 40 composers from around the world. this work has been curated by the tmbp. team. learn more, listen and download the score here.

part two: in C.

Terry Riley's in C., is a piece written for any number of humans, playing any number of instruments. The work is made up of 53 cells of written music, repeated any number of times - as determined by each performer.On the night we're asking you to join in and perform this awesome work. If this is your scene, download the music below, grab your instrument and be ready to play alongside our ensemble. We will have transposed scores printed for you to use on the night. Power/power boards will also be supplied. Bring a music stand if you can!

quartet of quartets

Pete Leung (sop sax), Liz Cheung (fl), Natasha Effendy (cl), Laura Andrew (al sax), Joe Lisk (tp/fgh), Paul Meo (tpt), Harry Burgess (tbn), Jackson Bankovic (tbn), Ciara Frame (perc), Harry Day (drums), Elizabeth Jigalin (pno), Milan Monk (vib), Joe Manton (el bass), Danica Hobden (el gtr), Jane Aubourg (el vln), Wilbur Whitta (el keys).

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