about us.

the music box project is an exploratory vehicle for upcoming Sydney composers and performers, seeking to present unique, creative and collaborative music experiences. This creative cohort have sonically activated car parks and created the ambitious collaborative work "in 4." in which 40 composers from around the world each contributed a cell of music.

the music box project is currently directed by elizabeth jigalin.

the music box project was established in 2013 by 3 composers oliver hollenbach, erin hendry and elizabeth jigalin.

we aim to present unique, creative and collaborative music experiences.

we seek to promote new music and new ideas - with a focus on showcasing the work of both upcoming Australian composers in addition to re-inventing and sharing the work of established musicians and composers.

we are excited by the creative potentials of collaboration as a compositional process and subsequently providing composers with the opportunity and platform to create and share innovative work, new sounds and ideas.

our collaborators.

"the music box project." has worked and will continue to work with many musicians, collaborating to create new work and sounds.

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peter leung
laura andrew
naomi johnson
natasha effendy
liz cheung
jane aubourg
danica hobden
wilbur whitta
joe manton
harry burgess
jackson bankovic
paul meo
joseph lisk
harry day
milan monk
ciaran frame
chris higgins
mat levy
james guest
josie gibson
kezia yap
alexander lee
stuart rynn